Launch of Brand New E-GetS App Super Homepage~
2021-11-06 09:54
New Upgrade Notes:
Visual effects optimization, new sensory experience;
Increase of life services info, eating, drinking and having fun with ease;
Launch of new promotions, everyday flash sale for authentic products
       01. Optimization and Upgrade of Four Service Sections
    We made an effective integration of the original sections, classified and organized various functions, divided sections in an more reasonable way, and made the functional modules more focused, and the category is more visual, allowing users to obtain their desired services more efficiently, conveniently and accurately.
Now we divide our services into 4 sections: Food Delivery, Dola Mart, Reservation, and Other Services
    Food Delivery: Global food, mart and daily necessities, all goodies you love;
    Dola Mart: Discounted e-commerce goods, home appliances, daily provisions, and beauty  products;
    Reservation: High-quality booking services, covering KTV, healthy, beauty, accommodation etc.;
    Other Services: Intra-city Express, top up and other service for your daily needs
          02.  Multiple New Service Function Sections
We added more function sections to enable users to obtain effective information at first glance, making the interface efficient and easier to use. You can get the latest promotion information on the homepage and participate in E-GetS promotion in seconds so that you don't miss out on any promotion.
We added coupon, new shop special offer section, brand, selected booking shops, $0.1 takeaway flash sale, $1.9 Dola Mart special offer, etc.
Coupon:  Reminder for coupon collection, you’ll never miss any offers;
New Shop Special Offer: New shops with discounts, you’ll  save more
     Brand: All types of shops, selected brand shops
    Selected Booking Shops: Selected life & entertainment booking shops, eating, drinking and having fun with discounts;
$0.1 Takeaway Flash Sale: Discounts for popular food, easy access to flash sale;
$1.9 Dola Mart Special Offer: Everyday special offer for goodies, alcohol & beverages, snacks and daily products;

       03.  Direct Entry to  Service Section from Homepage
The newly upgraded App homepage is a complete optimization of the overall layout and page functions. Users can access services they most concerned about  from the homepage, making  these services more visual to users and enhancing the operation fluency and visual appeal. Visit the E-GetS App and try out the new features for yourself!
In the future, E-GetS will continue to iterate on functions, optimize user experience, and deliver one-stop services for users. More optimizations are in progress, so stay tuned!