E-GetS Sihanoukville "Dolphin Delivery Station" Officially Opened!
2021-10-11 10:29
As Cambodia's leading digital life service App, E-GetS works with a large number of high-quality merchants to provide users with multi-dimensional comprehensive life services including online meal ordering, e-commerce retail, entertainment booking, and Express, etc. We continue to build standardized delivery stations to ensure the experience of each user when placing an order, and to achieve takeaway freedom at home, offering one-stop solutions to the needs of users in Cambodia and bringing them Internet Plus new life experience.
01. Opening of New Station in Sihanoukville Expand the Delivery Range
On October 11, 2021, E-GetS officially opened the "Dolphin Delivery Station". It is based on the original "City Government Station" and its scope of delivery will be expanded to offer users and merchants in Sihanoukville the most professional delivery services. The delivery of the above area is handled by about 300 professional delivery men. The specific delivery scope is as follows:
The extension of the delivery scope of Sihanoukville will make life easier for more users in Cambodia. At the same time, it also greatly improves the delivery efficiency in Sihanoukville, giving Sihanoukville users access to quick, convenient and secure services.
02. Press the "Speed Up Button" For Delivery
E-GetS has accumulated massive delivery data and experience, and is equipped with a powerful back-end system and customized apps for delivery men and merchants, which covers all aspects of delivery from order acceptance, delivery management, delivery capacity management, etc. In terms of capacity management, real-time positioning is adopted to ensure that during the delivery process, users can stay up to date on changes in order delivery information, and clearly grasp the delivery process and real-time location of delivery men, while delivery men can complete orders acceptance and delivery process in a more convenient and efficient manner through the E-GetS delivery man app.
As of October 2021, E-GetS has set up multiple delivery stations and its delivery service covered Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville. Meanwhile, it has built a reliable and strong delivery team to provide users with 24-hour delivery services, which enable us to create the best possible user experience. E-GetS is dedicated to improving delivery efficiency reasonably and effectively, serving every user in an all-around way in terms of delivery, service and other aspects, enhancing the overall service level of the food delivery industry, thus enabling users to truly enjoy the convenient life brought by digitalization.
*Friendly Reminder:
The first 30 days of the new station opening is the adaptation stage, and delivery men need time to familiarize themselves with and adapt to the surrounding road conditions, merchants and residential areas. We apologize and beg for your understanding in advance for any delays in delivery during this time.
E-GetS is constantly extending its business to other cities and expanding its delivery range. We will gradually set up delivery stations in other cities and areas in the near future, please stay tuned.