MPTC Minister H.E Chea Vandeth Visits E-GetS and Agrees on Initial Strategic Cooperation
2023-05-04 09:54

On April 24, 2023, leader of the Cambodian delegation to the Global Development Initiative Partnership on New Industrial Revolution Symposium, Minister of the Cambodian Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (hereinafter, MPTC) H.E Chea Vandeth and the Office of Xiamen Leading Group for BRICS PartNIR Innovation Center (hereinafter, Xiamen BRICS Office) paid a visit to E-GetS (Xiamen) where they had a discussion.

First, Minister H.E Chea Vandeth and other MPTC delegates visited the office of the Xiamen R&D Center and understood its operation in the company of E-GetS CEO Mr. Xiao Hongpei.

Then the discussion began. E-GetS Chairman Mr. Xiao Lianhuo extended a warm welcome to Minister H.E Chea Vandeth and the officials of Xiamen BRICS Office. He said that with the support of the Chinese and Cambodian governments, E-GetS has entered its fifth year, developing more than 2 million registered users and employing nearly 3,000 employees. Besides, the company’s businesses have covered Cambodia and Laos, with a Thai branch in preparation. According to Mr. Xiao, E-GetS will, in pursuit of China’s “Belt and Road” Initiative and Cambodia’s “Rectangular Strategy”, put customers first, increase the investment in software development, deepen the cooperation with commercial partners on digitalization, and create more job opportunities for the society. The company hopes to serve Cambodians and Cambodia-based Chinese with innovative technology and contribute to the local digital development.

Later, E-GetS CEO Mr. Xiao Hongpei introduced the enterprise development from the aspects of business and technology, presenting six key technical achievements including Digital Management, Intelligent Scheduling, Aggregation Payment, Multilingual IM Service, Multilingual Translation, and Security Monitoring, to the guests. Then, MPTC delegates and Mr. Xiao further exchanged views on the experience and achievements of E-GetS (Xiamen).

Minister H.E Chea Vandeth affirmed E-GetS’s contribution to Cambodia’s digital economic development and thanked the company for its efforts in social welfare and employment. At present, Cambodia attaches great importance to the digital economic development; Next, the country will integrate governmental and corporate resources to implement favorable policies on e-commerce, e.g. tariff concession, immediate customs clearance, and land use facilitation for e-commerce enterprises, all of which aim to release enterprise burdens and blaze a trail in Cambodia’s e-commerce industry together with the local enterprises.

(E-GetS answers Minister H.E Chea Vandeth’s questions on e-commerce and offers relevant solutions)

During the discussion, both sides had in-depth communication and discussion on Cambodia’s e-commerce development, as well as reached an initial strategic cooperation. The two parties hoped to efficiently promote Cambodia’s e-commerce through government-enterprise cooperation, so as to mutually develop the country’s internet technology and talent pool. As the first China-based incubator for technical specialists, E-GetS will join hands with the Cambodian government to cultivate talents in internet technology.

(E-GetS sends Dehua porcelain to MPTC Minister H.E Chea Vandeth)

After the discussion, both parties exchanged gifts. E-GetS sent MPTC Minister H.E Chea Vandeth a Dehua porcelain titled “huakai fugui (Blooming Prosperity)”, a traditional souvenir with Chinese characteristics that was also chosen as a national gift by the Chinese government to leaders of 16 participating states in the 2017 BRICS Xiamen Summit. E-GetS Chairman Mr. Xiao Lianhuo said he expected win-win cooperation between Cambodia and China, which corresponds to the vision of the BRICS Summit. Additionally, he wished a blooming prosperity of Cambodia’s e-commerce industry, as was indicated by the title of the souvenir.

(MPTC Minister H.E Chea Vandeth sent gift to E-GetS in return)

In return, the MPTC delegation also sent E-GetS a gift with Khmer characteristics. We believe that such cooperation could establish a new layout of the Cambodian e-commerce market in a win-win situation.

Enlightened by this discussion, E-GetS will scale new heights in its following undertakings. In the future, we will fulfill our corporate social responsibilities (CSRs) more actively and create more social value in order to consolidate the China-Cambodia friendship.