Leap a Thousand Miles in the Year of Loong | 2023 E-GetS Annual Party Successfully Concludes
2024-04-13 11:30

The Loong gathers momentum by braving the wind and the waves. On April 11, 2024, the 2023 E-GetS Annual Party titled “Leap a thousand miles in the Year of Loong” was held at Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra, Cambodia. H.E. Chea Vandeth, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Ms. Zhong Jie, Counsellor of Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, H.E. Mam Amnot, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (MPTC),  H.E. Pa Vongvichet, Under Secretary of State of MPTC, H.E. Touch Yarandy, Under Secretary of State of MPTC, H.E. Horn Theara, Director General of General Department of Post, MPTC, Mr. Lin Shiqiang, Chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (CCCC) and Person in Charge of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) Phnom Penh Branch, Neak Oknha Zhang Yunfeng, Vice Chairman of Cambodia-China Friendship Association (CCFA) and Chairman of Golden Fortune Derivatives Exchange, Mr. Liu Daozhi, Standing Vice Chairman of CCCC and CEO of Bank of China (Hong Kong) (BOC HK) Phnom Penh Branch, Mr. Zhao Jinhui, Rotating President and Secretary-General of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia, Mr. Xiao Lianhuo, E-GetS Chairman, Mr. Chen Quanfu, E-GetS Director, Mr. Xiao Hongpei, E-GetS CEO, attended the event. More than 600 participants, including leaders and guests from MPTC, the Economic and Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia, CCCC, as well as partner enterprises, brand merchants, user representatives, media and E-GetSers were present.

Fine wines, good food, excellence awarding, art shows, lucky draw, and more… Let’s review the highlights of the 2023 E-GetS Annual Party together!

1. Leader Speech: Concerted Efforts, United as One

One should understand the past and look ahead to the future. The annual party started with a welcome speech delivered by Mr. Xiao Lianhuo, E-GetS Chairman, who summarized the company’s work in 2023 and identified its development strategy and direction in the new year. According to him, E-GetS has rationalized its business layout and enhanced its profitability. It now offers services in ten languages and will enter into the Thailand and Vietnam markets soon. “This will be a solid step for our localization and internationalization,” said Mr. Xiao.

Besides, he added that E-GetS would continue to closely follow China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and actively engage in Cambodia’s Pentagonal Strategy in the field of digital economy. “We always put customers at the center and keep increasing our investment in software development. We have deepened the cooperation with our partners in the digital field and created more job opportunities for the society. We serve the local Chinese and Cambodians with innovative techniques, contribute to Cambodia’s economic, technological, and social growth with the support of the Chinese government, and boost Cambodia’s digital and intelligent development.”

As the Vice President of CCCC, E-GetS has gradually matured under the guidance of the Economic and Commercial Office. As was pointed out by Counsellor Ms. Zhong Jie, a number of Chinese enterprises represented by E-GetS have actively responded to the BRI by introducing China’s “internet + life service” model to Cambodia and even across Southeast Asia, which has facilitated the local economic development and employment growth.

She also predicted a great potential in Cambodia’s digital economy in view of the country’s high penetration rate of internet, expanding user base of mobile devices, younger-age population, and innovative digital payment methods. Ms. Zhong encouraged E-GetS to maintain its growth momentum and dedicate itself to Cambodia’s digital economy for the sake of the China-Cambodia economic and trade cooperation.

In his speech, H.E. Chea Vandeth mentioned that as an IT enterprise affiliated to MPTC, E-GetS has seen a healthy growth that reflected the fruitful results of cooperation between the Kingdom of Cambodia and the People’s Republic of China. E-GetS’s business has greatly contributed to Cambodia’s e-commerce, digitalization, and job opportunities, which played a crucial role in the country’s economic growth.

The Minister suggested that E-GetS strengthen its cooperation with SMEs, logistics services, and particularly MPTC, to promote its products and services across the logistics network in Cambodia. MPTC, he said, welcomed E-GetS to co-develop a digital system to accelerate the digital revolution in public service delivery.


In addition, the gathering also witnessed the founding of the E-GetS football team. E-GetS CEO Mr. Xiao Hongpei highlighted that football as a sport showcases the spirit of unity, fighting, and perseverance, which corresponds to E-GetS’s corporate culture. He hoped such spirit would stimulate all E-GetSers to win more glories for the company, for the football team, and for themselves.


2. Excellence Awarding: The Power of Paragons

 Exemplars attract fighting hearts while warriors cherish soaring aspirations. Next came the award ceremony for merchants and employees. Company leaders expressed their heartfelt gratitude to all merchants for their full support and close cooperation. It was they that ensured E-GetS’s steady progress in the market competition.

In 2022, E-GetS entered the Laos market. After just two years, it has grown into the largest local food delivery platform. This night, representative merchants from Laos were invited to the annual party to receive awards, including “The Most Influential Merchant”, “The Most Preferred Merchant”, and “The Most Valuable Brand Partner” of 2023.

Moreover, excellent employees and teams who have been working with assiduity and diligence were awarded trophies and certificates of “Best Delivery Man Award”, “Delivery Team Leader Award”, “Best New Employee Award”, “Outstanding Employee Award”, and “Outstanding Management Star”, as a way to commend their devotion and achievements as well as encourage others to model after the excellence.


3. Art Shows: Where Wonderful Happens

The successive art shows added luster to the gala, with traditional Apsara dance, pop music, among others, earning waves of applause and laughter. In the warm and cheerful atmosphere, E-GetSers entertained audience with wonderful performances that fully demonstrated their versatility and vitality.


4. Lucky Draw: Big Prize, Big Surprise

The results of the lucky draw, including six bands of prizes, i.e. HUAWEI WATCH ULTIMATE DESIGN, iPhone 15, E-GetS $1,000 gift card, Huawei Matepad Air, GoPro Hero 10, MI WATCH, were announced one after another, giving the attendees surprises and joy, which brought the feast to a climax!


Growing out of nothing, E-GetS has been expanding its territory and leading the way. The company has substantially grown its business scale and comprehensively improved its business layout. With “Enjoy Easy Life!” as its slogan, E-GetS always strives to build a SEA-leading one-stop life service platform with innovative technology.


Against laughter and cheers, the 2023 E-GetS Annual Party titled “Leap a thousand miles in the Year of Loong” successfully concluded. As the blueprint is rolled out, it is time to set out. In 2024, E-GetS, along with all E-GetSers, will explore more opportunities with a brand-new image at a steadfast pace. We hope to create more value for users and partners, continuing a new chapter of digitalization in Southeast Asia!