E-GetS, Cambodia Takes Multiple Measures to Ensure Safe Delivery!
2021-08-18 16:06

Work together to fight the epidemic
E-GetS / Cambodian single-point chairman condolences frontline staff
On March 24, E-GetS / Cambodian single point Xiao Dong and members of the company's main core leadership team went to Phnom Penh's distribution stations to understand the actual situation, give instructions on the frontline work, and give distribution personnel and related personnel who rushed to the frontline. The staff expressed gratitude and condolences.

Dong Xiao conducted a front-line inspection (first picture on the left)
Frontline staff to report on site
He said, "Now is the most difficult time, and the users most need us, so we must protect ourselves and do the protection work. Standardize wearing masks, washing hands frequently, disinfecting frequently, providing users with more safety and more Reassuring delivery service! Here, on behalf of the company, I would like to thank our delivery staff who are on the front line again. All the staff of the company are with you! We all work together to fight the epidemic! "
Prepare supplies and support front-line staff

Riders carry materials together
To inspire the frontline staff, the company sent various materials to the distribution sites, including comfort items such as summer drinks, fresh fruits, and personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves, and disinfectant water.

In this field trip, the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the riders was more than words. Xiao Dong fully affirmed everyone's enthusiasm and expressed confidence in the safety of the delivery staff's daily work!
Air transport 100,000 masks to ensure first-line delivery safety

During the epidemic, safety protection is the top priority. Only by paying attention to the security of the whole distribution process can we better serve users.
Prior to this trip, E-GetS / Cambodia single point has judged according to the actual situation and actively took response measures to complete the airlift of 100,000 masks from China in the early stage of the outbreak. These masks will be used for the safety guarantee of the first-line distribution personnel to strengthen the protection of the user's dining safety.
Safety comes from attention, and realizes the safety of users from details

Since the outbreak, E-GetS / Cambodia single-pointed efforts have been made to maintain the normal operation of each station, and at the same time strengthen the safety management of the entire distribution process, strictly carry out effective supervision of all aspects of take-out distribution, and do a good job in sanitary protection.
E-GetS / Cambodia single point strictly controls safety issues from food picking to food delivery, starting from safe delivery, in order to provide customers with safer and safer takeaway services.
Security comes from details
E-GetS / Cambodian single point with you
Let us actively fight against the "epidemic disease" together!