E-GetS, Park Café Officially Sign Cooperation Agreement
2022-07-11 16:07
In July 2022, E-GetS and Park Café held a signing ceremony for the cooperation project. Representatives from both parties attended the signing ceremony to formally establish a strategic partnership and initiate in-depth strategic cooperation. This cooperation between the two parties has broken the boundary between online and offline consumption scenarios, constantly expanded market coverage and increased market attention of both parties, giving users the best quality, most favorable, and most convenient ordering experience.

Founded in 2004, Park Café is a pioneer and leader in the local catering industry in Cambodia. Influenced by the Cambodian cooking traditions, Park Café has been promoting traditional Cambodian foods and healthy choice to consumers by adhering to a healthy and diverse catering concept. Instead of ordinary oil, olive oil is used in the cooking process; in terms of dish innovation, honey and fresh milk are used instead of high fat and greasy ingredients. Ultimately, with its extreme delicacy and caring service, it has gained great popularity and is widely loved by Cambodian customers.
E-GetS, Cambodia's leading digital life service platform, works with a large number of high-quality merchants to provide users with multi-dimensional comprehensive life services including online meal ordering, e-commerce retail, entertainment booking, and Express. We offer one-stop solutions to user needs and  bring Internet Plus new life experience to Cambodian users.
Meanwhile, it has set up multiple delivery stations in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville and built a reliable and powerful delivery man team to provide users with 24-hour delivery services, which enable us to create the best possible user experience and gives users access to convenient life brought by digitalization.
Through this strong alliance, we will better utilize the original advantages of both parties, further enhance the brand's awareness, and jointly provide users with high-quality, cost-effective, and convenient products. Park Café will be more focused  on incubating healthy catering and creating healthy and diverse catering concepts. E-GetS will take full advantage of its resources as a life service platform to ensure that every meal is served to the user with the ideal temperature and taste for a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience.
From July 18th to July 20th, E-GetS App will introduce exclusive discounts-- 50% off for Park Café set meals, for a limited time of 3 days! In the future, E-GetS and Park Café will continue to work closely together to empower healthy life and bring more special offers to users.
E-GetS will continue to cultivate Cambodian market with an open and pragmatic attitude, and will work with more powerful partners to grow together, continue to drive the brand's upward development, and create a win-win situation. Both parties can fully release their energy, give full play to their industry advantages, and jointly enhance their competitiveness and brand reputation through complementary market and brand advantages, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, and innovative development.