Gold Sponsor E-GetS Facilitates the Successful Conclusion of the International Half Marathon!
2022-06-19 10:35
The long-awaited 2022 Phnom Penh International Half Marathon was officially began on June 19, 2022, which includes 3KM, 10KM and 21KM. Thousands of runners from all over the world gathered in front of the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh to participate in the marathon, sprinting the entire distance while savoring the passion and fun of running.

From June 17 to 19, E-GetS set up an exclusive marathon booth here, bringing multiple benefit surprises to runners and spectators from all over the world. It greatly enlivens and brings a lot of joy to the marathon scene. E-GetS aims to encourage more friends to take part in public fitness activities, have fun with sports, and embrace life in a healthier and more positive way!

As the gold sponsor of the event, E-GetS not only formed an interactive event service team, but also assembled a 150 member team. At 4:35am on the race day the runners gathered to take group photos and wait for the opening ceremony to take place. On the track, the E-GetS 150-runner team was vigorous and their high spirits encouraged all the participants, forming a beautiful scenery on the competition field. The whole city was ignited by the enthusiasm of the runners, and everyone on the scene was infected by the enthusiastic event atmosphere in the midst of shouts and cheers.

Then, the starting gun went off at 5:30, and the runners rushed out of the starting point one after another and raced to their target finish line. Runners from all over the world are valiant and enthusiastic, interpret infinite splendor with strength and passion, and display vigor with running and speed. The sweaty runners on the track and the cheering spectators on the side of the track intertwined into this national running carnival.

From 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., the runners reached the finish line one after another. Later, His Excellency Dr. Thong Khun, Minister of Tourism of Cambodia and President of the National Olympic Committee, presented the Sponsorship Award to E-GetS in honor of its strong support for the event. At the same time, E-GetS prepared $200 worth of beautiful gifts and TECNO watches for the winner to honor and commend the winners of this event. When the winners stood on the podium, their excitement was overwhelming, and all the hard work and sweat seemed more precious.

The 2022 Phnom Penh International Half Marathon has come to an end in a warm atmosphere! In the future, E-GetS will join hands with more events to actively convey a healthy and positive life attitude to the public, and to convey a positive corporate demeanor to more people so that everyone can run farther! As a runner,  E-GetS will continue to lead life, keep moving forward, accelerate our pace with innovation, and embrace the challenges of the future!