E-GetS Holds 5th Anniversary and Brand Upgrade Launch Event
2023-05-20 12:00

On May 19, 2023, the 5th Anniversary and Brand Upgrade Launch Event of E-GetS was grandly held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The gala, celebrated by all walks of life including partners and merchants, was not only a milestone of E-GetS’s half-decade history but also a new starting point of boom for the company brand.

One Grand Ceremony, Five-year Persistence
The guests of the ceremony included Mr. Wu Guoquan, Commercial Counsellor of Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Kingdom of Cambodia; H.E. Mam Amnot, Secretary of State of Ministry of Post and Telecommunications of the Kingdom of Cambodia (hereinafter, MPTC); H.E. Pa Vongvichet, Under Secretary of State of MPTC; H.E. Horn Theara, Director General of General Department of Post, MPTC; Neak Oknha Zhang Yunfeng, Vice Chairman of Cambodia-China Friendship Association (CCFA) and Chairman of Golden Fortune Derivatives Exchange; Oknha Phu Sae Tong, President of Anco Groups; Mr. Zhao Jinhui, Rotating President and Secretary-General of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia; Mr. Liu Daozhi, CEO of Bank of China (Hong Kong) Phnom Penh Branch; Mr. Zhu Xinyuan, Chairman and General Manager of Elsay Downstream Hydropower Station Project (Cambodia) Company, China Huadian Corporation Ltd.; Mr. Xie Leji, General Manager of Viniton (Group) Co., Ltd.; Ms. Phu Chelin, Director of Pi Pay PLC; Ms. Mina, E-GetS Brand Ambassador; Mr. Xiao Lianhuo, E-GetS Chairman; Mr. Chen Quanfu, E-GetS Director; and Mr. Xiao Hongpei, E-GetS CEO. More than 600 participants, including key partner representatives, brand merchants, user representatives, and E-GetS staff, attended the event.

In the beginning, Mr. Xiao Lianhuo, Chairman of E-GetS, delivered a welcome speech. On behalf of all E-GetSers, he extended his warmest welcome to the guests and partners attending the ceremony. “Looking back on the past five years,” said Mr. Xiao, “E-GetS owed its development to the trust and support of all users, merchants, and partners, to the care and help from all walks of life, to the unity and efforts of all E-GetSers, and most importantly, to the solicitude and favor of the Chinese and Cambodian governments. We are so grateful that we are willing to serve users with sincerity and repay the society with a pure heart.” He also set higher targets for the company’s future growth and undertakings as well as spurred all E-GetSers on to jointly make achievements in a new journey.

Next, Mr. Wu Guoquan, Commercial Counsellor of Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Kingdom of Cambodia, delivered a speech, in which he affirmed E-GetS’s contribution to Cambodia’s digitalization and economic development. According to him, E-GetS actively upheld the Belt and Road Initiative by integrating China’s “Internet + Life Service” model into Cambodia and popularizing the model throughout Southeast Asia. Such efforts have yielded fruitful results in stimulating local economy and employment. He also hoped E-GetS would forge ahead and innovate unceasingly, evolving into a first-class life service platform in the Cambodia market and even the Southeast Asian market.

Then, H.E. Mam Amnot, Secretary of State of MPTC, delegated by H.E. Chea Vandeth, Minister of MPTC, addressed the ceremony. He commended E-GetS’s dedication to Cambodia’s digital economy, and underscored the company’s rapid progress in a half decade, which made it stand out from the crowd and take Cambodia into the internet-based lifestyle. In addition, he encouraged more quality enterprises to invest in and start their businesses in Cambodia as E-GetS did, and wished a thriving E-GetS with premium service and diversified businesses.

Brand Upgrade: A Dazzling Debut
As a prelude to the brand upgrade launch, the event also witnessed E-GetS’s renaming from “E-GetS/柬单点” into “E-GetS/简单点”. Mr. Xiao Hongpei, E-GetS CEO, was present to introduce the company’s brand upgrade from several aspects including brand concept, logo, and system functions. Subsequently, the name of the official mascot was announced: 点点 (Dian Dian), of which the Chinese character “点” (diǎn, “to order”) is taken from the company’s new name “简单点” (jiǎn dān diǎn, “E-GetS”). It is hoped that Dian Dian can serve as the emotional bond between users and E-GetS, making them eat better and live better. ENJOY EASY LIFE!


In fact, the change from “柬” (jiǎn, “Cambodia”) to “简” (jiǎn, “Easy”) indicates not only E-GetS’s brand renaming but also the expansion of its business territory. Starting from Cambodia, the company gradually marched into Laos and other Southeast Asian countries, during which it has been focusing on user demands and iterating its products and services. As revealed by E-GetS CEO Mr. Xiao Hongpei, E-GetS’s ultimate goal of brand upgrade is to build an easy life for each user, and the company expects to become a gilded signboard of easy life for Southeast Asian users.

Besides, E-GetS officially announced that Mina, a popular Cambodian singer, has joined as the company’s first Brand Ambassador.
Adhering to the brand concept “Enjoy Easy Life!”, E-GetS has an insight into users, continues to improve its service quality, and empowers life with internet technology. This brand upgrade launch event has set sailed for a new image in a new era, and it is another sign of E-GetS’s devotion to the industry and grip of times. In the future, E-GetS will deploy the Southeast Asian market with a new brand strategy.

Excellence Awarding with Songs and Dances
As time goes on, strivers never stop fighting. It is the five-year painstaking efforts of employees, delivery men, and merchants that contribute to E-GetS’s accomplishments today. This gathering, therefore, was also an award ceremony for the excellent.

With jubilant songs and dances, excellent employees, delivery men, and merchants were awarded for their outstanding performance in the year 2022. These awards included: (for employees) 2022 Best New Employee Award, 2022 Outstanding Employee Award, 2022 Outstanding Management Star; (for delivery men) 2022 Best Delivery Man Award, 2022 Delivery Team Leader Award; and (for merchants) 2022 Customer’s Favorite Merchant, 2022 The Most Influential Merchant, 2022 The Most Preferred Merchant, 2022 Champion Merchant of Highest Catering Sales, 2022 Champion Merchant of Highest Beverage Sales, 2022 Champion Merchant in Transaction Volume, 2022 The Most Valuable Brand Partner, and 2022 Quality Groupbuying Merchant.

Livened up by art performance, excellence awarding, and lucky draw, the whole venue was penetrated with laughter and applause. Prizes such as cash red envelopes, iPad Pros, MacBooks, and Honda Motorbikes were given to participants, bringing the party to a climax.

Finally, the E-GetS 5th Anniversary and Brand Upgrade Launch Event has drawn to a close.
In the past five years, E-GetS has accumulated steadily, whereas in the next five years, it will transform thoroughly. E-GetS has been following China’s Belt and Road Initiative and fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities (CSRs) by propelling Cambodia’s economic development and establishing digital economy in Southeast Asia. In the future, E-GetS will stay true to its original aspiration as always, improving the digitalization in Southeast Asia with its partners, pursuing better service and providing an “Easy Life” for its users.