E-GetS New version is coming!
2021-08-18 18:33
The new version of E-GetS has been officially launched recently! The updated app interface is more concise and easy to use.
1.The layout of the app home page has been optimized. It’s available to find more meals from MORE options. And other life services can be selected on [TOP UP BALANCE], [PHONE TOP UP], [DOLA MALL].

2.The addition of [TOP CATEGORIES] and [POPULAR RECOMMENDENDATION] provide users with more reference.

3.Product information and ingredients selection are more clear now. Users can choose the ingredients they like!

4. [MULTI-PERSON ORDERING] More convenient for the group to order meals! By MULTI-PERSON ORDERING, users can share the delivery fee, enjoy full discount together. Easy to find your own meal.Cheaper and easier!

5. [SUBMIT ORDER] The interface is more concise and clear. The information of your selected goods, taste, delivery fee, red envelope deduction, coupons, etc. can be checked easily! 

6.In [MY ORDER] module, you can query the details of historical orders and check the records more efficiently. Every spend is clear!

7.[MY WALLET] It's easy for users to query the personal order consumption record in detail, view the account balance, consumption points, and consumption details .

8.[MY FAVORITE] Collecting all the shops you like! Don't worry about forgetting the name of the shop any more! Just open the list to select which one to order today!

E-GetS has always been pursuing to bring more convenience to users and constantly improve user experience. If you have any suggestions and opinions, you can put them forward to us in the 【Feedback】. Welcome your supervision and opinions!

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