Ms. Zhong Jie, Counsellor of Embassy of the People’s Republic of China Visits E-GetS
2024-04-19 11:30

On the afternoon of April 17, 2024, Ms. Zhong Jie, Counsellor of Embassy of the People’s Republic of China and her colleagues visited E-GetS. Mr. Xiao Lianhuo, E-GetS Chairman; Ms. Wang Huifang, Assistant to Chairman; Mr. Zhang Juhui, Operations Director; Mr. Hu Gui, Director of Delivery Center were present for reception.

Ms. Zhong visited E-GetS’s office in the company of Mr. Xiao. The latter also introduced the enterprise’s business scope, technological innovation, market operations, and plans for layout. Later, both sides had a cordial conversation.

Ms. Zhong started with commendations for E-GetS’s achievements. She said that as a Chinese-funded enterprise, E-GetS has followed Cambodia’s development strategy in digital economy and contributed to enhancing social welfare and improving people’s livelihood. Its creation of job opportunities for the locals has generated mutual benefits and a win-win situation for people’s well-being. The Counsellor also complimented E-GetS on its unity, vigor, enthusiasm, and positiveness, as well as expressed her confidence and expectations for its future growth.

Then, Ms. Zhong had an in-depth inquiry about E-GetS’s difficulties and challenges and put forward her instructive opinions and suggestions on them. The Counsellor put an emphasis on strengthening the communication and cooperation between enterprises and local governments and society. She also added that the Economic and Commercial Office would continue to support and aid E-GetS for its development, so as to broaden the channels for the China-Cambodia economic growth and accelerate the economic and commercial cooperation between the two countries that could yield more fruitful results.

E-GetS Chairman Xiao Lianhuo promised that the company would invest more in R&D for technological innovation to boost Cambodia’s digital economy and social development. He also pointed out that guided and supported by the Economic and Commercial Office, E-GetS would actively conduct brand promotion as a dedication to the high-quality, sustainable development of the economic and cooperation between China and Cambodia.

Overall, Ms. Zhong’s visit has not only brought valuable advice and support but also injected confidence and momentum to E-GetS. With the care and guidance of the Economic and Commercial Office, E-GetS will integrate itself into the Belt and Road Initiative and couple with the development strategies of Southeast Asian nations by zealously launching overseas businesses in various fields including digital technology, e-commerce, and internet, for the sake of high-quality economic growth in Southeast Asia.