E-GetS Express Business Upgrades!
2021-10-22 09:53
People's expectations for quality life are increasing as the economy grows and living standards improves. In the digital age, the change of Internet technology has given rise to more forms of consumption upgrade and lazy economy, which has deeply penetrated into various scenarios catalyzed by the pandemic, and Express is one of them.
E-GetS identified the pain points and shortcomings of traditional logistics, and sensitively captured the consumer demands at the current stage. This service upgrade put forward higher standards, which is characterized by higher quality, more diversified, more personalized, and more convenient services and is specially designed to address issues we may encounter in our daily life such as problems arising from "urgency, busyness, laziness and difficulty".

01. New Service Upgrades to Expand Scenario Boundaries

At the present stage, compared with the traditional Express delivery efficiency, users expectation for express has been changed from the next-day delivery to same-day delivery to hour delivery. E-GetS Express, a new form of faster-than-traditional express, satisfies the needs of users in different fields and scales with one-to-one delivery service, addressing users' needs for same-city fast delivery and altering people's delivery habits with an innovative model of high efficiency and excellent service.
This brand new upgrade for E-GetS "Express" business offers the customer the highest quality service with the best price, which is characterized by faster response, more scenarios, and better service. The starting price for delivery within 3 kilometers has been adjusted from $1.5 to $1 and items within 5 kilograms will not be charged for weight. The "specialized direct delivery" mode is adopted to deliver items on time and quickly. The scenarios of Express cover new retail such as supermarkets takeaway, fresh flowers, medicine and health products and also a wide range of agency services, deeply penetrate into people's various life scenarios.
02. Insight Into User Needs,​​ Rapid Market Expansion

E-GetS, a service enterprise, is constantly expanding its service categories with people at the core, gaining insight into deeper and more scenarios, and breaking scenario boundaries. This new upgrade of Express service provides users with direct delivery by designated personnel, making the order traceable throughout the entire process, eliminating the troublesome timeliness problems caused by uncontrollable delivery time.
Express service improves the quality of personal life because they don’t have to worry about misplacing keys, clothes, daily necessities, mobile phones, etc. Express service helps enterprises to work more efficiently and exchange business documents and sign contracts without hassle. Express service increases merchants’ business efficiency because it only takes an average of 60 minutes to deliver cake, fresh flowers, fresh produce, and other items that need to be delivered urgently in Phnom Penh.
In the future, we will continue to tap consumers’ deep-seated demands, cater to their growing personalized needs, and then push for new upgrades at the user experience level to provide faster and safer products and services that will guarantee the best possible experience for users.
03. A Glance at Service Upgrade Details
● Delivery range: the whole Phnom Penh city
● Delivery time: 60 min
● Target customer:
    Lazy people and homebody → Urgently needed items delivered at a lightening speed
    Business people → Documents & contracts delivered in a safe and fast manner
● Delivery category:
    Daily Goods, Digital Products & Home Appliances, Documents 
    Certificates & Licenses , Cake & Fresh Flower, Apparel
    Medicine, Food & Drink, Parcel Pick Up, Fresh Fruits & Produce
● Delivery guarantee:
    Order and pay via App, door-to-door service
    Customize your delivery time, pick up/delivery location;
    Professional delivery team, safe and secure service;
    Get the full picture about the charges online;
Real-time tracking of your order delivery;
Prompt response to customer feedback and suggestions;
    ● Order process:
    Log in to E-GetS App → Select Express → Select item type and weight → fill in pick-up/delivery information → Submit order