Delivery in Unity | 4th E-GetS Football Friendly Match Kicked off in Phnom Penh
2023-09-21 11:29
On September 20th, the 4th E-GetS Football Friendly Match was kicked off with Phnom Penh vs. Sihanoukville as the All-Star opener. The competition aims to enrich staff’s outdoor entertainment, stimulate their passion for sports, and enhance their teamwork spirits and cohesion.

About 200 delivery men in ten teams from each station of the Delivery Center gathered on the pitch, accompanied by their families and other E-GetSers, totaling nearly 800, for the opening ceremony. With the longest-ever time span and the largest-ever participant base among other E-GetS activities, this year’s tournament will see 26 clashes between each side for the title race in the next three months.
The event, organized by the​ Delivery Center, has witnessed the attendance of E-GetS Chairman Mr. Xiao Lianhuo, CEO Mr. Xiao Hongpei, Assistant to Chairman Ms. Wang Huifang, Director of Delivery Center Mr. Hu Gui, Director of Operations Center Mr. Zhang Juhui, Deputy Director of Financial Management Center Mr. Li Tiecheng, and Director of Dola Mall Mr. Zheng Jiale, in the opening ceremony.
"The friendly match can strengthen employees’ body and cultivate their teamwork spirits. It can also showcase the vitality of our delivery men,” said CEO Mr. Xiao Hongpei in his speech. “Bearing ‘Friendship First, Competition Second’ in mind, all of you should spare no efforts and demonstrate your competence in the contest. It’s also a chance to exhibit your vigor as an E-GetS delivery man. All of you are contributors to E-GetS’s rapid development,” he added.

Then, players are lined up with data officials to take an oath, followed with a dancing performance presented by E-GetSers, which fostered a thrilling atmosphere in the opening ceremony.
On the pitch, players from both sides sprinted and tackled with morale. Dogged defending, precise passes, attack-defense transition, changes of formations and tactics… Each player demonstrated their skills, physical strength, and perseverance -- a scene that oozed tenacity and desire to win. The match, full of climaxes, has greatly entertained the spectators.

As the highlight show of the opening ceremony, the eye-catching All-Star game between Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville has earned waves of applause from the fans. Final score: S’ville 3, Phnom Penh 1: A good beginning for the 4th E-GetS Football Friendly Match. Hence let’s expect more stunners in the coming tournament!