Ultimate Showdown! 4th E-GetS Football Friendly Match Final: Chasing Glory
2024-01-17 14:59
On January 16, 2024, the final of the 4th E-GetS Football Friendly Match was kicked off in Phnom Penh. The competition aims to create a platform for E-GetS delivery men to demonstrate and challenge themselves, so as to stimulate their team spirit, enrich their leisure life, and improve team cohesion.

Since its grand opening on September 20, 2023, the tournament has seen a total of 24 matches, including 21 regular season games, two Christmas clashes, and one third-place playoff. After three months and 20 days’ contest, two sides (E-GetS Boeung Keng Kang Football Team & E-GetS CT Football Team) have taken their places into the final. Others, however, have also displayed their style, competence, and the will to fight.

On the matchday, Mr. Xiao Lianhuo, Chairman of E-GetS, Ms. Wang Huifang, Assistant to the Chairman, Mr. Hu Gui, Director of the Delivery Center, Ms. Liu Xiaofeng, Deputy Director of the Customer Service Center, Mr. Li Tiecheng, Deputy Director of the Financial Management Center, Mr. Zheng Jiale, Director of DOLA Mall, Mr. Xiao Caiyun, Deputy Director of DOLA Mall were present at the final. Nearly 800 spectators, including staff and families of the delivery men also came to the venue to support their players.

During the match, players on both sides were full of spirit and morale, demonstrating the teamwork and athleticism of E-GetS delivery men. Sprinting, passing, shooting, or tackling -- every move of them was full of power and passion. Intense atmosphere, narrow margin, attack-defense transition… The race between the two teams were neck-and-neck. The waves of loud cheers of the audience added more passion and fever to the ground.

After 90 minutes’ duel, the final whistle blew – E-GetS Boeung Keng Kang Football Team has beaten E-GetS CT Football Team by 4:1, becoming the champion of the 4th E-GetS Football Friendly Match, which drew the league to a close. The crowning glory is not only the honor of the E-GetS Boeung Keng Kang Football Team, but also the best rewards for their hard training and unremitting efforts.

At the awarding ceremony, four individual awards were granted, including the Golden Glove Award, the Best Scorer Award, the Final MVP Award, and the Bravery Award (See the “Bravery Award” article). Subsequently, the champion and the runner-up were awarded respectively, with recognition and encouragement also being sent to all competitors. Win or lose, all delivery men have proved the charm and power of football with their passion and efforts.

At last, Mr. Xiao Lianhuo delivered the closing speech. “The football tournament,” he said, “has ignited employees’ passion for physical exercises and enhanced their awareness of solidarity, cooperation, and cohesion.” He also added that the sports event has exhibited the hidden side of the delivery men: “They are not just delivery men, they are young people filled with love for life and sports. They have built friendship of football, by football, and for football, which showcases their passion and vitality in the name of E-GetS delivery men.”

In the future, E-GetS will continue to follow the growth and development of delivery men as well as maintain a harmonious and healthy working environment for them. While creating an easy life for users, each delivery man can also enjoy their own spiritual life. Our delivery men will transform their enthusiasm and vigor on the pitch into the motivation to serve users with joy and convenience, contributing more to the urban development!