E-GetS Awarded 3rd Consecutive “China Preferred Employer” & “2023 Ultra-healing TOP Employer”
2024-02-06 13:47

As an emerging technology company amid the tide of digitalization, E-GetS is committed to providing one-stop life services for users in Southeast Asia and around the globe. In recent years, we have been expanding our businesses to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and other SEA regions. With “Enjoy Easy Life!” as our slogan, we have integrated food delivery, e-commerce, group buying, supply chain, local life services, SEA-based aggregation payment, and multilingual customer services so as to meet users’ daily demands in catering, clothing, entertainment, shelters, supplies, and travel.

Continuous Benefits Upgrade for Talents-enterprise Mutual Progress

As a core competence, talents are indispensable for enterprises’ sustainable development. For this reason, E-GetS has built a comprehensive compensations and benefits system for employees, including “five insurances and one fund (pension insurance, medical insurance, work-related injury insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance, and housing fund)”, birthday parties, festival benefits, team building, overseas subsidy, and free meals & accommodations (for expatriates). All these have showcased E-GetS’s care and support for its staff, which has significantly increased their satisfaction.


In 2023, E-GetS continued to upgrade its employee benefits by expanding talent growth channels, raising the proportion of well-performing employees, and improving employee health services, with the aim to secure employees in the aspects of career development, performance, and mental & physical health. This includes optimizing the Employee Handbook, releasing the Career Path Handbook, adding body check and commercial insurance, and improving the working environment.

Three-year Glory, Brand New Chapter

In 2023, E-GetS was awarded as the “China Preferred Employer”, making it a three-time consecutive winner of such an honor (following the years of 2021 & 2022). In addition, we were named the “2023 Ultra-healing TOP Employer”. All these are recognitions from professional HR institutions, talents, and job seekers of our continuous progress in enterprise culture shaping, employee cultivation & development, and upgrade of compensations & benefits.

Based on the standards for a preferred employer, E-GetS will continue to consolidate its foundation, listen to employees, prioritize talent development, and explore staff potentials, for the sake of talents-enterprise mutual progress.

Seeking Talents for a Shared Future

As a bellwether in the SEA internet industry, E-GetS closely follows the footsteps of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. We aim to bring momentum to the integrated development in economy and commerce of the BRI countries and build a positive image for China-invested enterprises in the SEA market. 


As the saying goes, “A single spark can start a prairie fire.” After unswerving advancement for half a decade, E-GetS is expanding its businesses and market shares in the SEA region. This year, we will see the opening of our Thai branch, along with preparations underway for the Vietnamese one.

Therefore, we are actively seeking talents with commitments to the SEA market. As E-GetS believes, your participation will be our powerful engine to build a shared future in the year of 2024!