New Heights, New Chapter|E-GetS 2023 Year-end Dinner Party Successfully Concludes
2024-02-03 10:05
On February 2, 2024, E-GetS held the 2023 year-end dinner party themed “New Heights, New Chapter” in Xiamen. Senior leaders, along with special guests and all staff, gathered together to kick off the passionate prelude of the year 2024.

Opening Speeches
In the beginning, Mr. Xiao Hongpei, E-GetS CEO, delivered an opening speech amidst thunderous applauses and jubilant cheers. He reviewed the company’s achievements in the past year, analyzed its current opportunities and challenges, and shared a blueprint for its future development. He also expressed his gratitude to all E-GetSers for their efforts in 2023.

Then, Mr. Xiaolianhuo, Chairman of E-GetS, addressed the event. He recognized the accomplishments of the company in the previous 12 months and demonstrated a rock-solid faith and a positive outlook for growth. As the Chinese New Year approached, he also extended his warm wishes to all E-GetSers that they would release their potentials to infinity and beyond.

Later, seniors took the stage. All rose, with wine glasses in hand, to send their cordial greetings and blessings to one another in the hope of a mutual bright future.

Excellence Awarding
As the saying goes, “He who practices earnestly will reach distant shores, he who strives vigorously will reap great rewards.” In the course of E-GetS’s development, every E-GetSer dazzles like a shining star in the vast universe. They toil years building the company with wisdom and energy, they stick to company decisions and actions with belief and passion, all of which leads to E-GetS’s glory today.

In the atmosphere of anticipation, an award ceremony for the outstanding employees, teams, and long-serving members started. Honors were given as an acknowledgment of their work, support, and contributions to the company.

Art Performance
Subsequently, the party climaxed with a brilliant art performance and lucky draw. All participants were entertained with incredible bianlian (face-changing in the traditional Sichuan opera), fantastic magic, energetic dance, and last but not least, the thrilling prize-winning games.

Finally, the party concluded as all attendees left successively with a full load of prizes and presents. We wish all E-GetSers a prosperous new year. Kung Hei Fat Choy, Enjoy Easy Life!