Elected Vice President of Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia
2022-06-10 10:26
On May 13, all member entities of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia formally elected the ninth council through an online secret ballot.
On May 15, the new council elected a new President, eight Permanent Vice-Presidents and 26 Vice-Presidents by a competitive election of an online secret ballot.

  01. Elected the Vice President of Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia
At the meeting, E-GetS (E-GETS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.) was elected as the Vice President of the 9th Council of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia.
It is reported that this election is dominated by central enterprises and state-owned enterprises. As a Chinese-funded private enterprise, E-GetS always remain true to its original aspiration of Belt and Road Initiative, actively contributes to the company's strength on the road of overseas development, establishes an overall good image of Chinese-funded enterprises in the Cambodian market, and is successfully elected as a very few private enterprises. In the future, we will also strive to promote the development of China-Cambodia economic and trade cooperation, and give full play to the role and power of enterprises for the construction of the two countries and the implementation of China's Belt and Road Initiative.
In the exploration in the Cambodia market, E-GetS actively communicates with the Chinese Embassy and the Chamber of Commerce, strives to do a good job of its own, support the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia to better play the role in "Belt and Road Initiative" construction. We also enhance exchanges and cooperation with other members of the Chamber of Commerce, strive to play a  organizational and unifying role, work together to promote the building of the Chamber of Commerce, and contribute to the development and deep integration of China-Cambodia economy and trade .
02. Technology Empowers E-GetS to Lead Smart Life
With mobile Internet products, technologies, and channels as the foundation, E-GetS offers users services based on life scenarios. It aims to build a user-centered convenient ecosystem that covers all scenarios of eating, drinking, and having fun to give more users access to smart life brought by technology and improve users’ happiness index. Powered by technology, it will accelerate the development of a fast and convenient living consumption experience in Southeast Asia, as well as contribute to the region’s market digitalization.
For safety reasons, E-GetS actively carries out special training on traffic safety knowledge for local delivery team and has received strong support from the Public Traffic Police Department of the Cambodian National Police. The aim is to raise the traffic safety awareness of delivery men, enhance their concept of law and traffic safety, strive to be the guardian of traffic safety, the leader of civilized social conduct, and contribute to the construction of a civilized traffic society in Cambodia.
03. Stay True to the Original Aspiration and Contribute Enterprise Strength to Society
At the same time, E-GetS is constantly engaged in social welfare activities, taking up corporate responsibility and shouldering corporate social mission. Under the name of WE ARE ONE WITH E-GETS, we carried out dozens of public welfare activities. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, E-GetS has been actively working with the COVID-19 prevention and control in all sectors of society, donating hundreds of thousands of dollars through the Chinese Embassy to the government, arranging delivery men to deliver meals for front-line anti-epidemic staffs, assisting 930 families affected by COVID-19, and helping 259 families affected by heavy rain and floods. We always do our utmost to help the needy out of difficulties with the idea of “Sharing Love, Gaining Love”.
  Being elected the vice-chairman entities of the 9th Council of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia, E-GetS will never change, stay true to our original aspirations, keep our missions firmly in mind, and strive to promote Sino-Foreign economic and trade exchanges and cooperation. In the future, we will actively pursue business opportunities in overseas market and engage in the "Belt and Road Initiative" joint construction to continuously enhance the social influence of our brand.