[E-GetS New Launch] Pay-on-behalf, Pay for Love!
2023-08-22 10:11
Qixi Festival, Festival of Love!
E-GetS Pay-on-behalf function launched
“PAY FOR ME” option
Easy transfer
Easy love~
Deep Affection, Heated Love
✔Pay for your beloved ones
Express love with actions
✔Pay for your cherished ones afar
Close your distance
Send love across a thousand miles, straight to your hearts~
How should I use the pay-on-behalf function?
How should I pay for him/her?⬇
1. Please confirm your order with the payer before payment.
2. The pay-on-behalf order will be automatically cancelled for overdue payment. In this case, you need to create a new order.
3. Any refunds incurred from the pay-on-behalf order will be returned to the payer through the original channel.