New Service! Travel in SEA with E-GetS Bus/Ship Ticket One-stop Service~
2023-08-18 10:08
E-GetS, in cooperation with VET Travel, a bus company in Cambodia, has launched the Bus/Ship Ticket service through which users can enjoy a variety of flexible and convenient travel options so as to facilitate their trips in Southeast Asia.

From now on, users can book bus and ship tickets between multiple countries and regions via E-GetS. Bus ticket booking covers 25 provinces and cities in Cambodia as well as those in Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos, while ship ticket booking, the area from Sihanoukville to Koh Rong. With our online booking service, users can plan a joyous journey in an easy way.
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Besides, E-GetS has joined hands with Cambodia Angkor Air to offer users cheap flights in multiple domestic and foreign destinations, such as Phnom Penh-Shanghai and Phnom Penh-Guangzhou.
Business or vacation, the E-GetS Bus/Ship Ticket one-stop service can give users convenient, efficient, and premium travel experience. We always strive to meet users’ demand for travel between China and Cambodia or other SEA countries.
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